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1943 Illuminati Film Revealed So Many Secrets The Producer Was Killed

Occult Forces directed by Paul Richie about Freemasons

By: Daniel Newton  |@NeonNettle
 on 16th June 2017 @ 2.28pm
a film from 1943 called © press
A film from 1943 called

A film from 1943 called "Occult Forces" revealed so many secrets about the Illuminati, the French director, Paul Richie, was shot dead, not long after the film's release.

The film was said to be the inspiration of Stanley Kubrick's 'Eyes Wide Shut' and revealed so many truths about the secretive satanic Illuminati cult that Richie was gunned down for exposing the global agenda.

Despite the film being 'fiction, the director portrayed the Freemason system in a less than favorable light, with one particular scene where they say they love Lucifer.


Disclose.tv reports: Not exactly something that some want to hear who belong to the Mason program. But getting back to Riche, did direct this film cost him his life? Well, no one has ever come out to admit this, but it does seem quite odd that shortly after the film's release he was shot dead in a random act of violence as the police called it. So, his death was brushed aside, which has only led to more controversy surrounding his death. As for the film itself, this isn't the first or the last time a film had people up in arms. It may be fiction but then so was “Birth of a Nation” which was a controversial film for its time.

So, was the “Davinci Code “but that didn't stop it from being the talk of many in the Catholic faith who wanted to denounce the book and the film based on it. So, in other words, fiction can stir people up especially when it hits a little too close to what is a reality.

The film “Occult Forces” is now streaming online and many can view it for themselves to see if this was true as controversial as claimed. Keep in mind, though; the film can be hard to view given its subject matter, and when viewing it, many might wonder if it did cause a man his life. Selected clips and the full movie below. Notice the all seeing eye garbage in the Mason Lodge!

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