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Clearest UFO Footage Captured Moving Across The Moon Goes VIRAL

Alien like spacecraft caught by high powered camera

By: Daniel Newton  |@NeonNettle
 on 19th April 2017 @ 1.50pm
footage from a high powered camera has revealed ufo crossing the moon © press
Footage from a high-powered camera has revealed UFO crossing the Moon,

New video footage from a high-powered camera in Oman's astronomical observatory has revealed UFO crossing the Moon, leading to many claims that it is, in fact, an Alien Spacecraft.


The video reveals a black shadow moving upwards towards the center of the Moon before it eventually departs into space.

As the camera zooms in on the strange object, you can see the tip that seems to be "constantly spiraling" with what looks like fumes coming out of it.

The express reports: But, now sceptical UFO investigator Scott Brando appears to have cracked the case and identified what it is.

He concluded it was just the silhouette of nothing more than a plane and its contrails passing the Moon just above the earth.

After looking at the footage, he tweeted: "Guys, of course this is not a mystery #UFO crossing over the #Moon but contrails from an airplane crossing the lunar disc."

He pointed to a photograph of a plane and contrail in an almost identical shape, saying: "This is the a similar perspective from which the airplane and contrails were filmed."

Astonishing video showing 'UFO fleet leaving the moon'
The footage was gained using a high-powered telephoto lens.

More than 100,000 viewed the video in the first day it was uploaded.

It prompted many theories from it being a hologram of the NASA logo, to aliens, or a mystery "space squid."

One YouTube user wrote: "Maybe a UFO took out North Korea's missile after it launched from the test pad?

NASA releases stunning images from the Apollo 11 moon landing mission. Over 10,000 images have been released to Flickr capturing the magnitude and beauty of the mission.

"Alien's trying to save us from WW3?"

But, others had been more sceptical even before Mr Brando stepped in.

Another said: "It's probably just an optical illusion coming from clouds."

And before Mr Brando spoke out, they added: "that or chemical trails from a plane."

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