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Alien Crash Site On The Moon May Reveal Ancient War Among E.T's

NASA image of crash have UFO hunters going wild

By: Daniel Newton  |@NeonNettle
 on 20th March 2017 @ 7.08pm
 aliens may have been involved in an intergalactic space war © press
Aliens may have been involved in an intergalactic space war

Theories that Aliens may have been involved in an intergalactic space war have surfaced following a new discovery of a crash site on the Moon.


Bizarre new NASA photos revealed what seems to be a crashed alien craft which now supports theories from UFO hunters that Alien bases really exist on the Moon and that Aliens have been at war.

DaiilyStar reports: And now YouTube channel SecureTeam 10 believes crash sites and spacecraft wreckages that “cover” the moon’s surface are evidence that aliens really did exist there at some point.

The footage points to mysterious circular shapes that appear to be partially buried in the surface of the moon.

UFO hunter Tyler Glockner believes they are alien spaceships.

Using footage from fellow alien investigation channel Streetcap1, the video focuses on one “saucer” positioned on its own “in the middle of a very barren piece of land”.

“Could this be a rock or an asteroid?” Tyler asks.

“It could be that. But I think what Streetcap was pointing out was the almost perfect cylinder shape of this thing.

“If there were beings out there that had these advanced craft why do they seem to be crashing their ships all the time?"

He argues there may have been a huge war millions of years ago on our moon.

“At some point in the distance past there was some sort of war or cataclysm that caused these ruins and unknown debris to be littered across the moon.

“This is why the moon is so heavily bombarded with craters and many of these aren’t craters at all – but instead are the remnants of nuclear explosions,” Tyler says.

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