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Did Macaulay Culkin Raise The Alarm On Pizzagate In Video Message?

Was Cuklin aware of the elite Hollywood Pedophilia network?

By: Jacky Murphy  |@NeonNettle
 on 12th February 2017 @ 10.33am
a new video featuring macaulay culkin has surfaced in which he seems to reference pizzgate © press
A new video featuring Macaulay Culkin has surfaced in which he seems to reference pizzgate

A new video featuringMacaulay Culkin has surfaced on youtube which he seemingly tries to tell the public about Pizzagate .

Culkin was one of the world's most recognizable child stars in the early 90's and it has been suggested he is no stranger to the satanic Elite Hollywood pedophilia problem.

Back in 2015, YNW reported that FBI files had allegedly detailed the sexual abuse of the home alone actor when he was just a child.

A few years back, some of you may remember Macaulay Culkin's 'new music project, 'Pizza Underground', a pizza-themed band, which was well before Pizzagate, it was written off as - "Oh, he's just being a crazy ex-child star". However, following the PizzaGate revelations, its seems that Culkin was trying to tell us something more sinister.


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