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Nick Pope Ex MoD Who Met Clinton ‘He Knows More But Can’t Say’

Disclosure! As Clinton Claims- Alien Attack ‘Only Way '

By: Steve Thresher  |@steventhresher
 on 4th April 2014 @ 10.06am
nick pope welcomed clinton s mainstream disclosure calling it   great news for ufo believers and conspiracy theorists  © Press
Nick Pope welcomed Clinton's mainstream disclosure calling it: "Great news for UFO believers and conspiracy theorists."

Comments made by former US President Bill Clinton about an alien invasion have ignited speculation on the net that the powers-that-be may be preparing us for either that eventuality or that they may be resurrecting the alien invasion false-flag operation to suppress dissent.

Speaking on US network channel ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, last night, Clinton said: "If we were visited someday I wouldn’t be surprised. [...]  It may be the only way to unite this increasingly divided world of ours … think about [how] all the differences among people of Earth would seem small if we feel threatened by a space invader.  That’s the whole theory of Independence Day.  Everybody gets together and makes nice.”

Nick Pope, who ran MoD’s UFO Desk and is an expert on the subject, welcomed Clinton's mainstream disclosure, calling it: "Great news for UFO believers and conspiracy theorists. "

"The suspicion, of course, is that Clinton knows more but can't say it directly," he added, speaking exclusively to Neon Nettle, "and is hinting at a secret so big and perhaps so terrible that even a former president is unable or unwilling to disclose it. "

Talk of a secret 'so big' and 'so terrible' will likely reverberate around Internet sites dedicated to proving 'we are not alone' and will stir debate that we are on the point of 'disclosure', the time when our human overlords will be told to reveal their archives about alien visitation and technology by their alien masters.

"[Clinton] delivered the keynote address, using part of it to discuss what I think he clearly believed would be the day we'd find out that we're not alone," said Pope, who also spoke at the Saudi government conference. "Ronald Reagan dropped similar hints in a speech to the United Nations, in 1987 -- and had a sighting himself -- before he was President."

comments made by former us president bill clinton about an alien invasion have ignited speculation on the internet and social media © Press
Comments made by former US President Bill Clinton about an alien invasion have ignited speculation on the internet and social media.

Other commentators took a more sceptical and less thankful line, pointing out that the elite have reportedly been using the spectre of alien invasion to perform the ultimate false-flag operation on an unsuspecting humanity.  

"Think about it." said David Shayler, the former MI5 officer and Truth Campaigner, also speaking exclusively to Neon Nettle.  

"This would be a false-flag with consequences even greater than 9/11.  The powers-that-be could argue that the very future of our species would have been at stake, meaning they could take any action they wished to 'protect' us and the planet."  

“Given that the powers-that-be have in recent months tried and failed to start the Third World War in Syria and then Ukraine, they are increasingly desperate to find a solution to concern about their collapsing economies.  The false-flag alien invasion would provide the ultimate distraction.”

"They could lock up -- or worse execute -- any refuseniks, claiming that we could not risk hearing dissenting voices,when we had to all pull together to see off an unparalleled threat," Neon Nettle columnist Shayler added. "There would be no free press, no free speech, no rights to free movement or association, no right to hold property, material or intellectual. 

"Ironically it would signal the end of 'life as we know it' and bring about virtually overnight the sort of world they have been trying to impose on us for many decades."

Clinton also told the Jimmy Kimmel Live that when President he had his White House staff review all the material on Roswell, the site where an alien craft allegedly crashed in the New Mexico desert in 1947.  They also -- he said -- researched the entire list of places featured on the then-popular television show The X-Files, including Area 51 — the infamous Nevada military base — just “to make sure there was no alien down there.”

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