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FBI Agents Investigating Las Vegas Shooting Told to Stand Down by Washington DC

Federal investigators told to stop looking into evidence by D.C. bosses

By: Jay Greenberg  |@NeonNettle
 on 6th October 2017 @ 2.14pm
fbi agents told to stop investigating las vegas shooting © press
FBI agents told to stop investigating Las Vegas shooting

FBI agents working evidence on the Las Vegas shooting massacre case have been told to "stand down" by Bureau heads in Washington D.C. after uncovering evidence that proved the existence of a second shooter.

Federal investigators confirmed that they were directed by headquarters to cease following any active leads that may reveal the existence of more than one gunman.

As far as the FBI goes, this means the hunt for additional gunmen involved in the attack, that left 59 people dead and hundreds more injured, is over.

As the world is still desperately looking for answers as to why this tragic event took place, surely it's a little premature to stand down on the investigations so early.

Could there be a certain agenda that is being pushed that the discovery of new evidence could undermine?

FBI officials told True Pundit late Thursday the focus of the case now is zoned in solely on Stephen Paddock as the lone gunman, per a directive from FBI headquarters in Washington D.C.

The directive came as a shock, as FBI insiders said they were pursuing leads that while Paddock was sniping innocent victims from his 32nd-floor perch at Mandalay Bay, another gunman wielding an AR-15 5.56 caliber weapon was closer to the ground shooting from another angle.

FBI officials said they were following the hunch based on forensic examination of audio recovered from phone video of concert goers.

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From those videos, federal law enforcement sources said they were following leads that indicated in addition to Paddock’s gunfire from the Mandalay Bay — where he was likely using an AR-10 rifle based on audio examined — additional gunfire from an AR-15 rang out at the same time from an opposite position on the ground much closer than Paddock’s location from high above the event.

The multiple-shooter effect, FBI sources said, would be to create a "kill box" where concertgoers trying to escape Paddock’s bullets would meet gunfire at the limited exit of the venue.

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FBI officials in D.C. would not return calls for comment.

This story is developing.

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