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2 Vans 'Filled With Children' Rescued from Pedophile Ring During Major FBI Raids

8 members of a religious paramilitary pedophilia sect under arrest

By: Jay Greenberg  |@NeonNettle
 on 25th August 2017 @ 8.00pm
two vans filled with children were rescued from an fbi raid on a pedophile ring © Neon Nettle
Two vans filled with children were rescued from an FBI raid on a pedophile ring

A successful raid by the FBI has seen eight members of a pedophile ring arrested with two vans "filled with children" being rescued by authorities.

Law enforcement officials in Cibola County, New Mexico have confirmed that those arrested were part of a religious "paramilitary" pedophilia cult that was trafficking children across the US to other child abuse networks.

Following the raid and arrests at a property controlled by the Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps, officers were able to apprehend two vans that were heading out of state.

According to law enforcement, 11 children we found crammed into the back of the two vans along with other belongings.

The children have yet to be identified by authorities.

The self-styled organization had become the center of multiple child abuse investigations with a number of arrests being made this week during a series of sweeping raids.

According to Kob4, two vans drove on a state road, filled with luggage and the 11 children, Cibola County Sheriff Tony Mace said.

Those children are now in Albuquerque, being interviewed privately by the FBI.

The raid resulted in 100 counts of sexual abuse filed against sect member Peter Green.

After discovering those 11 children -- many without birth certificates or other forms of identification -- deputies tried to arrange an interview with those kids. 

Mace said an agreement to interview them fell apart Wednesday.

8 members of the pedophile ring were arrested during the fbi raid © Kob4
8 members of the pedophile ring were arrested during the FBI raid

On Thursday morning, four other sect members were seen driving away from Grants with those kids.

"When they make their approach on the vehicle, it's loaded with children -- the van," Mace said.

"There's another van with them loaded with children, and it's the 11 children from the organization we were trying to interview.

"They had road maps, luggage and a large amount of cash.

"Basically, everything that would lead you to believe they were leaving the area."

Those four arrests Thursday -- of Ruth River, Amos River, Victoria River and Timothy River -- were all given aliases by the group.

An attorney for the four said they were not running; they were on their way to Albuquerque to meet with him.

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