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UK Archbishop Arrested For Child Trafficking And Stealing Children

self-styled Kenyan pastor charged for stealing children

By: Daniel Newton  |@NeonNettle
 on 4th August 2017 @ 1.31pm
gilbert deya denied charges of stealing five children between 1999 and 2004 when he appeared in court in nairobi © press
Gilbert Deya denied charges of stealing five children between 1999 and 2004 when he appeared in court in Nairobi.

The UK based Archbishop and self-styled Kenyan pastor, who once claimed he could create pregnancies in women unable to have children, has been arrested as for child trafficking.

Gilbert Deya denied Child Abduction charges for stealing five children between 1999 and 2004 when he appeared in court in Nairobi.

He now faces extradition charges after he failed in his long legal battle to stay in the UK.

Concerns were brought forward on the conduct of Mr. Dey who was in charge of running a church in London according to BBC documentary in 2004

Deya had promised post-menopausal women who attended his church in Sout East London, that they could have their miracle babies. However, the babies were always "delivered" in the backstreet clinics of in Nairobi, Kenya's capital.

BBC reports: Mr Deya later moved to Scotland, and was arrested in Edinburgh in 2006 under an international arrest warrant issued by Kenya.
His Gilbert Deya Ministries is being investigated by the UK Charity Commission for alleged mismanagement.

"Our statutory inquiry into Gilbert Deya Ministries is ongoing. We are currently considering the implication of Gilbert Deya's extradition on our investigation," the commission said in a statement.

When the BBC asked Mr Deya during its 2014 investigation how he explained the births of children with DNA different to that of their alleged parents, the 65-year-old Mr Deya said: "The miracle babies which are happening in our ministry are beyond human imagination.

"It is not something I can say I can explain because they are of God and things of God cannot be explained by a human being."

Kenya's police spokesman Charles Owino told the BBC that Mr Deya had arrived in Nairobi aboard a Kenya Airways flight following his extradition.
Mr Deya had opposed his extradition, saying he feared being tortured and sentenced to death.

In 2007, his wife, Mary, was sentenced to two years in prison in Kenya after being convicted of stealing a baby.
In 2011, she was sentenced to three years in jail after being convicted of stealing another child.

Desperate women, some past the menopause and others who were infertile, were convinced that being prayed for by Mr Deya and travelling to Kenya would result in a child.

Once there, they were convinced by Mrs Deya and others that they were experiencing labour and taken to illegal clinics where they believed they had given birth.

But they were actually given babies which had been taken from local women.

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