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Teacher Caught Trading Candy for Kisses With 10 Year Old Children in Class

Pedophile caught on video kissing young boys with bribes

By: Jay Greenberg  |@NeonNettle
 on 26th May 2017 @ 11.58am
a pedophile school teacher was caught after raising suspicions by asking for young boys to join his class © press
A pedophile school teacher was caught after raising suspicions by asking for young boys to join his class.

A fourth-grade teacher accepted a plea deal and escaped jail after he was caught on camera bribing 10-year-old school boys to kiss him on the mouth by offering them candy as in return.

28-year-old Brian Kornbluth had raised suspicions from other staff at the Somerset Academy charter school in Boca Raton, Florida when he made multiple requests for specific children to join his class.

Kornbluth, who's actions were caught on a school security camera, not only got away without a prison sentence, but also managed to keep his record clean with no criminal conviction being recorded.


CBS Miami reports: The school’s principal began monitoring Kornbluth’s classroom after another teacher reported that he seemed to be showing particular interest in certain students.

Kornbluth was originally charged with battery for kissing the boy, and for kissing the boy’s sister at the school the previous year.

The girl told police she was given Gummy Bears.

The just released video of the encounter with the boy shows the child approach the teacher at his desk, give him a hug and quick kiss, and then leave the classroom.

The teacher’s attorney says the video shows nothing improper.

“It shows an innocent peck on the lips from the boy to my client,” said defense attorney Kristine Rosendahl.  “There was no criminal intent. There was nothing at all nefarious about this.”

Rosendahl said Kornbluth was close to the family of the boy and his sister and sometimes watched the children for their mom.

In interviews with Boca police Rosendahl said neither child indicated there was any inappropriate behavior on the teachers part when he was caring for them.

Rosendahl said Kornbluth accepted a sweetheart plea deal, even though he wanted to go to trial to be vindicated.

In the end, he wanted to spare the children the stress of a trial, the attorney said.

The most significant part of the agreement, a guilty plea to one count of simple battery, includes a withhold of adjudication, Rosendahl said. Kornbluth will have no criminal conviction on his record and can eventually have his arrest expunged, wiped off the books.

He will be able to teach, but won’t be returning to Somerset.

“All he’s ever wanted to do was be a school teacher, and he put his heart and soul into receiving a degree to do that,” Rosendahl said.

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