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Police Set On Fire As Europe Descends Into Chaos Amid May Day Uprising

May Day march sees violent clashes with police in italy

By: Jacky Murphy  |@NeonNettle
 on 1st May 2017 @ 6.29pm
european cities have descended into violent chaos amid the annual may day protests © press
European cities have descended into violent chaos amid the annual May Day protests

European cities have descended into violent chaos amid the annual May Day protests as thousands swarmed the streets in cities across Europe.


May Day, otherwise known as 'Labour Day' is observed all over the world on the 1st of May to celebrate the social and economic achievement of workers and laborers rights.

Violent scenes erupted in the city of Turin, Italy as demonstrators attacked police as the march took place.

The express reports: Riot officers were deployed after more than 200 people gathered in the Via Cesare Battisti in an attempt to divert the authorised march route.

Three people were arrested after a group began pelting law enforcement officials with eggs.

Police say a number of items used in the violence, including umbrellas and sticks, were confiscated during the protest.

Meanwhile, in France, horrfying images of police being attacked with Molotov cocktails have emerged.

Riot officers are engulfed in flames as they face protesters in Paris
In Paris, riot police attempted to control the crowds at the city’s traditional labour union march.

Police fired tear gas at rowdy protesters on the sidelines of a May Day workers' march in Paris but hooded youth attacked security forces.

The annual march to celebrate workers' rights this year included calls to block presidential candidate Marine Le Pen from winning the presidency during a runoff election on Sunday.

Video showed riot police surrounding the protesters disrupting the march after isolating most of them from the rest of the crowd near the Place de la Bastille.

A policeman has been seriously burnt and two others injured in the clashes.

Television pictures showed policemen trying to shake flames from their riot gear, and of tear gas enveloping the streets around Paris' Bastille monument.

Around 250 events are planned across the country for May Day – a traditional day of protesting – with thousands of people and trade unions demonstrating in cities including Lyon, Toulouse and Strasbourg.

Protesters have begun throwing smoke bombs in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin, Germany.

The streets have been filled with hooded youths as police gather to try and prevent scenes similar to those in France and Turkey.

In Turkey, police were forced to use tear gas and plastic bullets to disperse protesters seeking to defy a ban and march to Istanbul's Taksim square to celebrate May Day.

More than 200 protesters in the Gayrettepe district on the European side of Istanbul attempted to walk to the famous square in spite of the ban by city authorities.

The protesters - made up of left-wing groups - unfurled anti-government banners against the result of the April 16 referendum, which handed President Recep Tayyip Erdogan expanded powers.

Turkish authorities imposed a ban on any demonstration at Taksim square, with police sealing off the avenue with barricades and halting traffic.

Riot officers were deployed after more than 200 people gathered in an avenue
According to the Dogan news agency, police detained two women who attempted to unfurl banners at the square.

Reports from the state-run Anadolu news agency claim 13 people were arrested during today’s protests in Taksim, while AFP reported a further 60 people were detained in the Besiktas district.

Around 30,000 police officers were on duty in Istanbul alone, with the governor's office urging citizens not to heed calls for protests in non-official areas.

The city of Turin saw violence break out between protesters and riot police
Police checked both tourists and citizens passing through Taksim, and all streets leading to the square were cordoned off with iron barricades.

Metro lines did not stop at Taksim square, which was a rallying ground for May Day celebrations until 1977, when at least 34 people were killed during demonstrations.

In Spain, the country’s two major unions called for marches in more than 70 cities under the slogan ‘No More Excuses’.

The UGT and CC.OO unions demanded that Spain's conservative government roll back its labour reforms that have made it easier to fire workers, and called for an increase in wages and pensions.

Around 30,000 police officers were on duty in Istanbul alone
CC.OO general secretary Ignacio Fernandez Toxo said: "Spain has been growing for two years and now it is time for the economy to align itself with the needs of the people."

He spoke at a march of several thousand people in Madrid, which he led alongside UGT leader Josep Maria Alvarez.

Thousands more marched in Barcelona, while other rallies were held in Seville, Valencia and other cities.

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