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Utah Passes Bill To Punish Pedophile Rings With Death Penalty

House-backed plan will see child sex traffickers executed

By: Jay Greenberg  |@NeonNettle
 on 23rd February 2017 @ 12.01pm
the house backed bill could see human traffickers executed © press
The House-backed bill could see human traffickers executed

A bill has passed through the House Of Representatives in Utah that will give prosecutors the option of punishing criminals convicted of human trafficking or child sex exploitation that leads to death, with the death penalty.

The plan is designed to target pedophile rings and those involved with procuring those networks with adults and children.

The proposal was sponsored by Republican Rep. Paul Ray, who said that human trafficking is "one of the most heinous crimes" and that executing criminals convicted of these types of criminal activity should be available in such cases.

House Speaker Greg Hughes broke the tie when he returned to the floor, which saw the plan pass with just a single vote.

In a statement about the bill, Ray said:

"Whether you're the one that abducted the child or coerced the child or you're the one that was pimping the child at the time, you're potentially going to face the death penalty,"

President Trump has made it a priority to crack down on trafficking and pedophile rings since he took office, and has previously said that he believes that pedophiles should face the death penalty.

Immediately after he sworn-in Jeff Sessions as the new Attorney General, the president signed a new executive order giving federal law enforcers more powers to deal with human traffickers.

Since Sessions assumed his role as the new AG, hundreds have been arrested across the US for child sex trafficking offenses.

Now the latest bill has been approved by the House, it will next move to the Senate for consideration.

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