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Clinton Foundation Quits Haiti Amid Child Trafficking Arrests

Announce 'cutting programs' as Haitian police raid pedo ring

By: Jay Greenberg  |@NeonNettle
 on 8th February 2017 @ 6.24pm
the clinton foundation announced they were  cutting programs  in haiti as police begin child trafficking raids © press
The Clinton Foundation announced they were 'cutting programs' in Haiti as police begin child trafficking raids

The Clinton Foundation announced that it was pulling out of Haiti right before Haitian police began making raids in a child trafficking sting, which resulted in the rescue of 31 children from a human trafficking and pedophile ring, and saw 12 perpetrators arrested.

The foundation, set up by Bill and Hillary Clinton, said in a statement that it was "cutting its programs in Haiti" and that it would be "spinning them into separate entities". 

The timing of the announcement has raised a lot of question regarding the real reason for withdrawal, especially as it was revealed that people had advance knowledge of the police raids after radio host, Glenn Beck, tweeted about the imminent arrests hours before they took place.

The Daily Mail reported:

Being spun into separate entities are the foundation’s initiatives in the country of Haiti, along with the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership, named after a billionaire backer of the couple.

According to Haiti Sentinel; Earlier this month, the foundation announced through a WARN notice to its employees that it would be ending the Clinton Global Initiative. The Daily Mail and the foundation’s president call the CGI and programs in Haiti the two more controversial programs.

The Daily Mail writes:

The couple’s relationship with Haiti was complicated as some blamed their efforts for the island nation’s sluggish recovery after the 2010 earthquake, while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state and her husband served as a U.N. envoy.

Like the broader pay-to-play attacks on the Clinton Foundation opponents accused the Hillary Clinton’s State Department with giving Clinton Foundation donors first dibs on Haitian relief projects.

the timing of the withdrawal has raised a lot of questions © press
The timing of the withdrawal has raised a lot of questions

The article continues:

After visiting ‘Little Haiti’ in Florida in September, Trump said, ‘And I want to tell you, they hate the Clintons because what’s happened in Haiti with the Clinton Foundation is a disgrace.’

The investigation into the Haiti child trafficking case began in December and remains ongoing to uncover the true breadth of the operation that, according to reports, appears to include non-governmental organization and international elements.

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