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Former Barrister Claims Ted Heath Was A Prolific Child Killer

Former immigration judge says Heath involved with Savile

By: Sophia Akram  |@NeonNettle
 on 7th January 2017 @ 5.15pm
michael shrimpton says ted heath  former prime minister  being involved in the lurid paedophile ring  involving jimmy savile © press
Michael Shrimpton says Ted Heath, former prime minister, being involved in the lurid paedophile ring, involving Jimmy Savile.

(NEONNETTLE) As Neon Nettle reported last year, Michael Shrimpton, a barrister, former immigration judge and national security consultant, talks about Ted Heath, ex UK Prime Minister, being involved in the lurid pedophile ring, involving Jimmy Savile on a radio program for Bristol Community Radio.

Prolific pedophile and child groomer for the elite, Jimmy Savile, went undetected for years, and the revelations of Ted Heath being involved in a high profile pedophile ring have emerged in the last week or so.


However, two years ago, Michael Shrimpton spoke to  David Icke himself who has written about Ted Heath’s involvement in pedophilia rings, in his book ‘The Biggest Secret’ in 1999. Shrimpton described the former PM’s link with Savile and the involvement of the Germans, which had an, even more, sinister outcome than expected.

Shrimpton described his time within the intelligence community, in which he said they were getting nowhere and constantly being blocked by Washington and London.

“The point of intelligence was to bring truth to power but when there was nobody in power to act on the intelligence, it all seemed rather pointless”, Shrimpton said.

Of Heath, Shrimpton says he was recruited by the Germans in 1937 and describes his and Savile’s involvement in an operation that was undertaken in Jersey. Heath was into little boys and Savile was supplying them. As a welcome guest of the Jersey children’s home, Haute de la Garenne, many boys were taken from there as well as other children homes in the area.

Ted Heath and The Queen

The Germans used to run Jersey and when they occupy foreign territory, they tend to leave an intelligence community behind and in 1945, German intelligence remained.  They seemed to know exactly what was going on with Heath and Savile but allowed the ring to continue. The logic behind this was apparently to protect their asset, to be able to keep a hold over those in power and so it was in their interest – a continuation of power games.

michael shrimpton has since been jailed  for making a hoax call before the london olympics in 2012 for claiming a nuclear bomb was being planned © press
Michael Shrimpton has since been jailed, for making a hoax call before the London Olympics in 2012 for claiming a nuclear bomb was being planned

Shrimpton claims that they went to such lengths that they made these children disappear. The children being that in the legal sense of the word, under the age of 18, but they were old enough to know and recognize just who Savile and Heath were clearly unwilling to be abused.

The former children's home of Haute De La Garenne in Jersey.

The only fate they could face was, therefore, to be killed. Shrimpton claims that the abuse took place on one of Heath’s yachts, the Morning Cloud, which eventually sunk in the English Channel. The boys were allegedly killed and tossed overboard, perhaps not by Heath and Savile themselves, but he claims the Germans. Ted Heath, however, as well as Jimmy Savile were complicit by any legal definition of the term murder.

Such a ruse was protected by the BBC and by the cabinet secretary at the time, John Hunt.

Michael Shrimpton has since been jailed, for making a hoax call before the London Olympics in 2012 for claiming a nuclear bomb was being planned for the event by the Nazis. He has also been disparaged for claims of the whereabouts of Madeleine McCann, the fate of whom he alludes to in his interview as being some consequence of the Germans again.

These may sound like cries from a crazy person but no. No psychological and sociological disorders have been ascribed to Shrimpton and at least one of his claims has been vindicated in the recent revelations.

I don’t know about anyone else but I’ll be going through Shrimpton archives to see what other intelligence he has gathered that may lead us to the true picture of things.

You are free to use this article under the creative commons license, you have permission to use this article with attribution to Sophia Akram and link the article.  Neon Nettle 

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