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James Foley Execution Footage ‘Could Be Fake’ Say Experts

Forensic analysts say video ‘may have been staged’

By: Sasha Sutton  |@SashaEricaS
 on 26th August 2014 @ 10.30am
   what is the point of having a defence budget  if we don   t at least try to prevent the establishment of a terrorist    caliphate     © Youtube, Twitter
“What is the point of having a defence budget, if we don’t at least try to prevent the establishment of a terrorist ‘caliphate’".

The shocking video released by ISIS militants showing American journalist James Foley being beheaded may have been staged. The horrifying footage posted to YouTube last week, but later removed, could be ‘fake’ according to forensic analysts after the FBI and US national security authorities investigated its authenticity. 

IS forces uploaded the threatening video after President Obama announced that America had authorised airstrikes in Iraq. Foley, who had been captured on Thanksgiving Day in 2012 whilst reporting on the Syrian conflict, is shown kneeling in front of a militant dressed in black. Another US freelance journalist Steven Sotloff is also flaunted in front of the camera as the militant threatens: “The life is this American citizen, Obama, depends on your decision”.

The ISIS fighter, nicknamed ‘Jihadi John’ in tabloid media, is believed to be British. MI5 and MI6 are currently tracking down the killer - suspected to be 23-year-old aspiring rapper Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, the son of one of Bin Laden’s lieutenants according to the Daily Mail. Bary left his home in Maida Vale, West London, to join the Syria conflict. The Brit has been seen holding a severed head in an image posted to Twitter.

But analysts claim that the video does not appear to be as it supposed to and that ‘Jihadi John’ did not carry out the brutal murder. According to a Telegraph, experts from an international forensic company, who have worked for British police forces, were commissioned by The Times and told the newspaper that the video is not authentic as no blood could be seen when the militant carried out the grisly attack with the knife he was wielding.

“After enhancements, the knife can be seen to be drawn across the upper neck at least six times, with no blood evidence”.

The experts also point out the audio is also inconsistent, as a glitch in the video could indicate that the reporter may have had to repeat a line in the script he was coerced to read therefore the video was re-filmed and edited; and his reactions are ‘disconnected’ from what is actually happening. Yet there is no doubt that Foley was murdered by his captors, but this happened off-camera.

“I think it has been staged”, said another analyst.

“No one is disputing that at some point an execution occurred… It may have happened after the camera stopped”.

The ‘camera trickery’ is believed by conspiracy theorists to be another example of war propaganda as people do not know the truth that ISIS have been funded and trained by Western governments.

British conspiracy theorist Paul Joseph Watson says in a video with Info Wars: “It’s the perfect poster child for US military expansion in the Middle East. But this all partly rests on the public not knowing the truth about ISIS – which is the fact that from its very inception it was funded by the United States’ biggest allies! The US [also] trained the same Islamists that joined ISIS, at a secret Jordan base back in 2012”.

“Anyone with an ounce of rationality or logical thinking will know the history of war provocation”.

“There is numerous evidence of governments staging incidents to create the justification, the pretext, for war”.

Regardless of the authenticity of the video and hidden agenda behind it, the footage has sent shockwaves to the United States and the United Kingdom as leaders worry of a terrorist threat reaching the West due to its involvement in the conflict.

   there is numerous evidence of governments staging incidents to create the justification  the pretext  for war    © Youtube, Twitter
“There is numerous evidence of governments staging incidents to create the justification, the pretext, for war”.

Aymenn al-Tamini, from the American Conservative think-tank Middle East Forum, tells the Times in a HuffPost report, "[The video] sends a message to both the UK and the US who are intervening at this stage in the conflict".

"It doesn't matter where you are from, your allegiance is with the Islamic State and one day the Islamic State will encompass the entire world in terms of their thinking".

UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond warned that ISIS is “waging war with the West” and that the Government is aware of “a significant number of British nationals in Syria and Iraq operating with extremist operations”. National security services fear that the British Jihadists will return to the UK and may launch attacks on our own soil.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson condemned the British fighters who being brainwashed and called for stricter laws involving arrests of IS ‘wackos’ returning from Syria and Iraq; but deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg rejected the ‘Draconian’ stating that it wasn’t that ‘simple’. 

Mr Johnson also expressed that militants such as ‘Jihadi John’ should be killed by a bomb. He wrote in his Telegraph column, “What is the point of having a defence budget, if we don’t at least try to prevent the establishment of a terrorist ‘caliphate’ that is profoundly hostile to civilised values?”

 “Young men such as this killer [in the Foley video] are famously told that if they die in ‘battle’ they will be welcomed in heaven by the sexual ministrations of 72 virgins. I suspect most of us don’t give a monkey’s what happens to this prat in heaven – we just want someone to come along with a bunker buster [bomb] and effect an introduction as soon as possible”.

“Do nothing and we invite the tide of terror to our front door”.

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