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Exclusive: Ron Baitley-Simens Interviews Mark Windows

Owner Of landofthefree.com

By: Steve McQueen  |@MCQU33N
 on 1st May 2014 @ 9.42am
mark is not just known for bringing credible solutions to the table but also for hilariously satirising  conspiracy theorists  © landofthepress.com, press
Mark is not just known for bringing credible solutions to the table but also for hilariously satirising 'conspiracy theorists',

Mark Windows has spent many years exposing corruption and finding solutions on his website, landofthefree.co.uk.  Last year, he became one of the founding members of David Icke's The People's Voice (TPV), presenting a show called 'Windows on the World'.  

Mark is not just known for bringing credible solutions to the table but also for hilariously satirising 'conspiracy theorists' and infiltration agents who are used to distract us from the truth.  

Neon Nettle's Steve Mqueen caught up with him to find out his latest news about The People's Voice  among other things. 

SM - How did you get into truth issues?

MW- I've been into occult things -- 'occult' just means 'hidden', for a very long time since about the age of elven. I've always been interested in the hierarchical structure of society and the system we are subjected too.  I wasn't completely aware of the worldwide geopolitical control system until I was much older.  Things became much more polarised by watching the reporting before and after the 9/11 attacks.   

Years before I'd been looking at a book about how news coverage was propagandised called 'Toxic Sludge Is Good For You'. The book explained how “news” is used as a powerful public relations and propaganda tool. Media, PR and advertising would never let the facts get in the way of a good headline or story.

If you see something like that 9/11 attack, you have to come to the conclusion that you've been utterly lied too for most of your life.  So then you go back and look at how we were put into the system.  I looked at the Roman system of law.  I started looking at the birth certificate, how money is created and that whole idea of the legal fiction, the liability created from the person legally in form, on paper.

SM - Can you explain how you use their system against them?

MW - About ten years ago, I realised you could get rid of solicitors.  I had a problem with a landlord.  My place had been flooded and he hadn't paid up.  The Insurance completely scammed me so I fought them in court and I won.  That gave me an incredible amount of confidence because then you realise that these people who are administering [law] often don't know what they're doing.  You use their procedures against them.

About eighteen months ago, I proved that a council document that had been issued to people all over the country created fraud. The council was issuing a form which was actually a contract from a third party but they did not disclose that.  It bore the name of a person in the council as signatory but it was issued by a third party who were undisclosed. Their staff actually told me who had issued it, a data mining and surveillance company. The form was unconscionable in contract meaning only a person of diminished mental state would or an imbecile would sign it. I got a court hearing on the basis that I had supplied the requested information and the form and council were creating fraud.

The judge agreed with my position and cleverly asked me if I would sign one side of the form and give it directly to the council, cutting out any third party. I agreed and said, “Yes, as it removes the controversy” (fraud). He said “exactly”.

It’s interesting that judges never use the F (fraud) word as it then becomes a criminal matter. They don’t like charging council employees with criminal acts as it then becomes very serious. Its all about liability, those issuing the liability against us do not want to take liability for their actions. Always go for the person who signed the document. That's incredibly important because we are all getting into these adhesion contracts which when signed can actually incriminate you.  These documents assume you are liable. You can write across the form: 'Full response attached' and attach your own response. I have had success with this approach.

SM - You've done many videos exposing the privatisation of the police and other agencies, which is not covered in the mainstream.  Can you expand on this?

MW - I found that Kellog, Brown and Root were bidding to take over Surrey police.  KRB is Halliburton, part of the military-industrial complex.  Obviously if you look at their record in Iraq, you'll see what they do.  They go in as a mercenary force, then take over the infrastructure and rebuild it.  They are now running the management of the Met police.

Since the Olympics you will see very few police on the street but you will see them driving around in vans. The “visible presence” seems to be more important now.  We are being acclimatised to a military police which is already in place. We have the TSG, the Territorial Support Group, who operate out of bus garages.  They wear militarised police uniforms and act like a private army.

[At this point, Mark's phone went.  It was a call from accompany looking for £180.  He just said: "You are through to accounts.  Unless you've got an account with us I can't process this".  The caller gave up and agreed to take his name off their system].

SM - Is David Icke right about the royal family being shape-shifting lizards?

MW - He has a point about bloodlines.  To go from that to the shapeshifting thing is a bit quick as you have to know about the bigger picture, which David covers in books like The Biggest Secret and Children of the Matrix.  There are inter-dimensional entities.  There's no question about that. These entities work through peoples fear and can attach themselves to people who’s psyches are damaged. All this is well documented. The whole reptilian thing is very interesting if you do the research.  If you don't and just read the papers, you'll think: "He's the bloke who thinks the Queen's a lizard".  There is a lot more to it than that.  I suggest that people do some research into these bloodlines and also the genetic manipulation of the human race over thousands of years.

last year  he became one of the founding members of david icke s the people s voice © landofthepress.com, press
Last year, he became one of the founding members of David Icke's The People's Voice.

 Add this bit if you want…

There are little known books which David refers to in his research, like 'Mankind's Reptilian Past' [Flying Serpents and Dragons] by R A Boulay which goes back to the Sumerian stuff like the Garden of Edin, which was the original Garden of Eden.  Once you start looking at it with this big historical perspective of how manipulation happens, you see the reptilian brain in those in positions of power.  That is worth looking into on its own.  

Whether you believe people shafeshift or not is down to personal experience and an awareness of that kind of reality. Another great book to look at is The infinite boundary by D Scott Rogo, if you start with parapsychology then you will have the background for the bigger picture. We are seeing more and more people in positions of authority who have had their minds changed so the fact that certain bloodlines and groups have certain agendas, belief systems and have been steering things for a very long time should be quite obvious. Check out The Gods of Eden by William Bramley too, this goes into the off planetary picture which is also very interesting.

There are races such as the red haired giants and the Paracas people with elongated skulls, which were not elongated ceremonially as mainstream historians keep telling us. The red haired (auburn and fiery in colour) people have been found all over this planet and have been written out of history. The Darwinian theory has to be kept going and taught if the current belief systems are going to fit the propaganda, which passes for education. 

Go to the natural history museum, the first thing you see is a statue of Darwin and then a series of evolutionary changes, then a mock up of “Lucy” a so called missing link which was found out to be a complete hoax years ago, but its still there. We are treated as children and there are many reasons for that including the system of law which assumes us to be imbeciles and unable to administer our own affairs.

Photo Credit: landofthepress.com, press
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