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David Icke Was Right! 5 Reasons The Queen Is A Bloody Lizard.

Proof That The Queen Of England Is A Bloodthirsty Reptile

By: Layla Randle-Conde
 on 29th November 2016 @ 8.25pm
david icke was right  5 reasons the queen is a bloody lizard

Illuminati Lizard Wizards walk amongst us, and none is more obviously reptilian than our own Queen Elizabeth.  Or E-Lizard-Beth, if you prefer – (there’s a clue in the name).

Evidence of Her Majesty The Queen's shocking transformations into her natural lizard form have been captured by both professional and amateur cameras.  Here are 5 compelling pieces of evidence that expose the lizardy old trout for the bloodthirsty, baby-killing, Babylonian whore she really is.  David Icke was right! 

There’s a clue in the name

there   s a clue in the name © wikipedia

The word Beth is also a Hebrew letter & it means ‘House’.  Hence the title ‘Queen Elizabeth’ actually means ‘Ruler of The Lizard House’.  As she’s the Queen of England, then England must be the ‘Lizard House’ where the highest concentration of lizards is to be found.

Satan’s own Blue blood

satan   s own blue blood © wikipedia

The Royal Family are purported to have type O blood.  This is a ‘genetic mutation’ that occurred thousands of years ago – OR WAS IT???

This rare blood type denotes reptilian or Annuki ancestry.  The term ‘Blue Blood’ comes from a high amount of copper in the blood, giving it a bluish tinge.  As copper is a metal used in black magic and associated with the planet Venus, the ‘Morning Star’, otherwise known as Lucifer, you don’t have to be enlightened to see where this is going.

Lizzie’s Hidden Lizard

lizzie   s hidden lizard © wikipedia

OK it’s a snake, but close enough.  Back in the 16th century a painter that painted Elizabeth originally drew a snake in her hand, but painted a bunch of roses over the top.  Over time the coiled snake started to show through the layers of paint.

Why did E-Lizard-Beth the First not want to be shown holding a snake? Could it be that this was a little too close to the bone for the reptilian family?

Excuse me, whose solar system is this?

excuse me  whose solar system is this © wikipedia

Old Lizard-Chops received a very strange gift at her jubilee.  A large mechanical egg surrounded by serpents, containing planets that revolved around each other.  Fair enough right?  A bit of alchemical symbolism never did anybody any harm?

Except this WASN’T OUR SOLAR SYSTEM. In fact, nobody knew what solar system it was based on.  But taking a wild guess, we’d say it was the far-away home of our Lizard overlords.

Mysterious deaths & missing children

mysterious deaths   missing children © Wikipedia

In 2011 a 59 year-old man died unexpectedly in a Vancouver hospital. He was the star witness in an extraordinary case, where it is claimed that the Queen of England abducted 10 aboriginal children, who were never heard from again.

Were they sacrificed?  Did she eat them?  We’ll never know…

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