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Ten Inspiring Spoken Word Poets Performing Today

Powerful, Original And Inspirational Spoken Word Poetry

By: Sam Upton
 on 10th March 2014 @ 6.35pm
ten inspiring spoken word poets performing today
Poetry evokes a lot of different reactions in many different people. To some it's all flowery romance and other just olde English and nursery rhymes, its art and its culture. For me poetry is one of the purest forms of expression possible. Through it we can all hear the stories of our past, the hopes for our future and the wondrous depths of our imagination.
I'm a poet and in particular a spoken word poet. Spoken word poetry takes a multitude of forms and styles, as varied as we all are. Here is a list of some of the most powerful, original and inspirational spoken word poets out there today. Enjoy!


Neil Hillborn - OCD

neil hillborn   ocd © .
Neil Hillborn is a spoken word poet in a class of his own. His ability to take deeply intimate elements of his past and personality, display them with honesty and infusing raw emotion. He allows us to feel every hope, dream, rise and fall of an experience known to us all. This poem ignited in me an almost forgotten passion for word-smithing and the courage to get on stage and become a part of it. 

Mark Grist - Girls who Read

mark grist   girls who read © .
Teacher, poet, bard and battle rapper, Mark Grist is a master of the English language. In this poem we get to see beautifully articulated a desire shared by more and more men, for girls who read. Mark infuses a modern flow and subtle misdirection with quick wit and a classical base. Creating a remarkably rich and romantic poem. 

Sarah Kay - Private Parts

sarah kay   private parts © .
Sarah Kay is a true poet. She lives, breathes and dreams with poetic power.Every word she speaks, flows lyrically and meaningfully pulling your focus and leaving you spellbound. With the intensity and honesty Sarah shows in her work you can't help but feel these aren't just stories or poems, but rather soul defining experiences that have shaped a truly outstanding poet.   

Phil Kaye - Beginning, middle and end

phil kaye   beginning  middle and end © .
Phil Kaye presents a unique viewpoint, able to draw from two very different cultures he fuses very real comedy with profoundly moving imagery. His ability to weave a compelling narrative pulls you in and creates a true sense of wonder. In this piece the poetic retelling and foretelling of his own life. Phil shows that no matter the path you take there will be highs, lows and above all else beauty even where you never thought possible. 

Kate Tempest - Icarus

 kate tempest   icarus © .
Kate Tempest took the world of poetry by storm, mixing rave, hip hop and modern influences. With themes ranging from Greek mythology to Shakespearean tragedies. A straight talking poet prodigy proving that those with a voice and the will to use it will always be heard. Here she tells the tale of Icarus like never before and truly makes it her own. 

Hollie McNish - Embarrassed

 hollie mcnish   embarrassed © .
Hollie McNish speaks with such poetic power, honest, pure and jarringly real. Her voice holds all the emotion and passion, hitting with such force she'll take your breath away. Embarrassed delivers a deep message with such lyrical eloquence it can't be ignored, and shouldn't. Hollies words are an inspiration and a perfect example of how powerful spoken word poetry can be. 

Taylor Mali - What Teacher's Make

taylor mali   what teacher s make © .
After watching this I wish Taylor Mali had been my teacher! The power and force of his words are given life with expressive flair and emotive oratory. Taylor Mali doesn't just tell you what teachers make, he inspires, empowers and rallies. He showing whats truly important, and teaching us the difference that can make. 

Asia - The Waiting Hour

asia   the waiting hour © .
Hip Hop influenced and very hard hitting. Asia doesnt hold back and covers profound and sensitive issues head on. Throughout the deeply personal subject matter Asia shows how a strong mind and the will to survive, can pull through and see the silver lining in any situations. 

Keith Jarrett - A Gay Poem

 keith jarrett   a gay poem © .
Keith Jarrett is a UK slam champion with a powerful wit, a sharp sense of humor and incredible timing. His lyrical prowess displays a great depth of wordplay and his own keen insights into the world around us. Guaranteed to deliver poems revealing intense emotion and passion he combines styles and subverts forms to create a unique performance. 

Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye - When Love Arrives

sarah kay and phil kaye   when love arrives © .
Incredibly talented individually but together they are a poetic force to be reckoned with. Their difference in styles allows them to emphasise and reinforce the duality of their performance, topic and each other. Poetically a perfect pairing, the synchronicity they display shows the the depth of the history these two share. As they let you into their lives you'll see them as two sides of the same coin, a true partnership.
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