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Florida begins Seeding Airborne Chemtrails Into Wind To Tackle Zika Virus

Efforts to vaccinate the public from mosquitoes

By: Jacky Murphy  |@NeonNettle
 on 21st April 2017 @ 11.58am
flordia officials have announced its plans to seed airborne chemtrails into the wind © press
Flordia officials have announced its plans to seed airborne chemtrails into the wind

Flordia officials have announced its plans to seed airborne chemtrails into the wind in order to protect the public from the Zika virus.

New efforts to protect the public from mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus has come in the form of fleets of trucks that pump poisonous powders into the wind so that it is able to carry the repellent to places otherwise unreachable in the past.

According to ABC Miami: “This one primarily are what we call a continued breeder,’ Ton said, ‘and they bite all day long, so to go out after them when they are in an adult phase is very difficult because they’re flying around, and they’re constantly hiding and biting all day long, so it’s not like we can go spray in the morning and the afternoon, when other mosquitoes are biting, to knock this mosquito down, so we have to target them in a larvae state.”

Prepforthat.com reports: So the million dollar question, which seems to be conveniently left out of this local news story, is what is the “granulated powder?” It clearly has to be something that’s poisonous enough to kill a mosquito.

This seems more like an excuse to spray people and less of a reasonable response to Zika. Zika is all but another pandemic antique at this juncture. Yet, health officials can’t let it go. Now we are going to put chemicals in the wind, something which we can’t control. The wind, like water, can spread a toxin all over the place without discrimination for people, animals, and places. It isn’t like the wind will decidedly skip over a schoolyard where our kids play.

Now is the time to complain to city and county officials if you are a Florida resident. There is no Zika. This is an unreasonable and dangerous measure to take particularly when there is no issue to battle. There has been no disclosure as to what type of chemical is being seeded in the wind. Wind, like water, is a natural resource that we have a natural right to experience without fear of toxins.

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