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Baby Confiscated By CPS Due To Parents Belief In 'Conspiracy Theories'

Child Protective Services seized newborn child

By: Jay Greenberg  |@NeonNettle
 on 29th January 2017 @ 11.58am
the baby was seized by cps for the parents belief in conspiracy theories © press
The baby was seized by CPS for the parents belief in conspiracy theories.

A one-day-old baby has been "confiscated" from its parents by Child Protective Services in Alabama because their Christian beliefs and views regarding conspiracy theories were considered to be creating a "dangerous environment" for the young child by social workers.

The mother, Christian Holm, said the social workers for the Cleburne County, Alabama, Department of Human Resources, had labeled the young married couple “conspiracy theorists“ because they didn't want to give their baby a social security number due to their religious belief of "man's creation destroying God's creation"according to The Anniston Star.

But Holm says the social workers opposed their views, adding, “We were just trying to follow the Bible as close as we could and speak for Jesus.”

YNW reports: Social workers called the police and together they left with the baby – refusing to tell the couple where they were taking it, The Star reported.

They took the baby, said, ‘He’s ours and this is the court date. Be there,’” Danielle told the newspaper.

But two months later the baby has not been returned to its parents and the Holm’s, described by those who know them as “very loving and caring people“, are still waiting for their day in court.

Off The Grid News reports that Holm and his wife, Danielle, have no house, gave away their possessions and decided to enjoy life by hiking and camping out. When the two wanted to see the country, they put their car in storage and walked from Alabama to New Hampshire and back.

They were camping out at Cheaha State Park in northeastern Alabama in October when Danielle went into labor. She went to the Regional Medical Center in Anniston, Ala., to give birth, and DHR social workers came to her room and started quizzing the couple about their lifestyle and where they lived.

christian and danielle holm now get just a single 2 hour visit with their baby each week © press
Christian and Danielle Holm now get just a single 2-hour visit with their baby each week.

Two months later the baby still has not been returned and the Holms are still waiting for their day in court. A hearing in the case had been scheduled for Dec. 20, but it was canceled after Judge Melody Walker recused herself, The Star reported.

The Holms have attracted a group of supporters in Anniston who picketed the courthouse after the hearing was canceled. Supporters have organized under the tagline “#freebabyholm.”

You can see when you talk to them directly that they are very loving and caring people,” Jonathan Payton, a friend and supporter of the Holms, told The Star. “That’s what really hit home.

Christine Holm posted on Facebook Jan. 15 that the couple is getting a single two-hour visit a week with the baby.

They say well you can have another ISP and arrange more visits,” he wrote. “What? Another organized coercion and conversion meeting just to have more visits? This is nothing but psychological control tactics to force a submission at the expense of our little baby boy. Where is his so-called attorney to protect his rights?”

On social media, the public is divided.

The Indians did it hundreds of years ago and had plenty more than we do now these days, why couldn’t they [also do it?],” one woman named Sherry wrote.

But others argued that modern society is different.

The Indians lived in groups and took care of each other, food and shelter,” a man named Vince wrote. “The couple needs a plan to take care of this baby, it can’t live like they do, it needs special care, shots, and meds. … Moving from place to place, out in the weather isn’t the best for anyone.”

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