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People Claim To Have Seen Movie That Never Existed - Glitch In The Matrix?

Reward for info about Shazaam film starring Sinbad

By: Jay Greenberg  |@NeonNettle
 on 1st January 2017 @ 12.53pm
sinbad claims to have no knowledge of the movie shazaam © press
Sinbad claims to have no knowledge of the movie Shazaam

In perhaps one of the strangest conspiracy theories out there today, Reddit and Twitter users are searching for a movie from the 90's called Shazaam starring actor and comedian Sinbad, despite there being no record whatsoever of the film ever existing.

Many people are claiming to have seen the "enjoyable comedy" about a friendly genie, with some going as far as to offer a cash reward for information about the film.

The film is said to have a similar plot to the critically panned movie Kazaam starring Shaquille O'Neal, yet people who claim to have seen Shazaam say it was released before Kazaam and was more enjoyable than Shaq's movie.

Even Sinbad himself claims that the movie never existed which is leading many to believe that the lost film is down to a glitch in the matrix where it actually does exist in an alternate reality, but not in our own.

Relevant reports: The magazine NewStatesman has just published a fascinating investigative article about the conspiracy, and some theories as to why so many people have vivid memories of watching a movie that there is no evidence has ever existed. Literally, there are no records of the movie ever being made—no photos, no old VHS tapes, nothing. That’s despite cash rewards from people eager to prove it is real.

Some people believe the group is falling victim to “the social contagion of memory”—essentially, all of the talk about the movie is creating realistic false memories in people’s minds. Some people believe the movie was “disappeared” because Sinbad himself hated it. Some people believe it is an example of the “Mandela Effect,” which essentially states that multiple realities have existed, and splintered versions sometimes converge (in this case, in one reality Shazaam was real).

Either way, it is really, really strange.

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