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Volcania Radio Set To Challenge The Mainstream Media Agenda

Truthseekers making a difference to society

By: Sasha Sutton  |@SashaEricaS
 on 7th November 2014 @ 3.33pm
volcania radio is set to challenge the mainstream media agenda © Twitter
Volcania Radio is set to challenge the mainstream media agenda

The corporate government-controlled mainstream media gives the world a one-sided account of events and often covering up crucial evidence regarding the issues affecting humanity both in the past and present, as well as the looming problems in the future.

But Volcania Radio, a live alternative news talk show, is set to change this system, helping cause a shift in the current paradigm.

The project is brought to us by the team of alternative news legend Richie Allen, David Icke, Fab Radio International, Talk Radio Europe, Live Leak and ethical coffee producers Volcania International; to give the journalists, reporters and activists often dismissed by mainstream media a chance for their voices to be heard.

The nightly talk show promises no censorship, although there will be constraints when it comes to slander or abusive behaviour; and a great line-up whether its UFO researchers, political activists or alternative journalists, set to be the revolutionary news hub alternative media needs.

Volcania International has been producing ‘conscious coffee’, with the humanitarian company offering transparency and sincerity – which our world often seems to be missing – and giving profits to causes fighting for human freedom.

Political activist and Volcania International Director Aaron Calland detailed that he began his journey of seeking the truth when the corporate agenda changed his life for the worse. “Having worked in the mainstream industries for quite a long time, and then finding yourself unemployed for reasons that weren’t your fault, makes you look at the system and question things”, he told Jaymie Icke, David Icke’s son, in an interview.

people all over the world are so used to being force fed ideologies by the elite © YouTube
People all over the world are so used to being force-fed ideologies by the elite.

“It’s easy to look at a lot of this information and dismiss it”, adds the truthseeker. “But until it affects you on a personal level, you don’t really look into it deeply enough or with the right kind of eyes”.

“People talk about cognitive dissonance a lot, and I think that it’s true... but I think when it’s something that is really affecting you and you want to know why, it just keeps going further down the rabbit hole”.

Thus, this team of truthseekers is exactly what humanity needs, lifting the lid on controversial events and covered up conspiracies that society often fails to acknowledge. People all over the world are so used to being force-fed ideologies by the elite, blinded to the Illuminati and New World Order agenda that is rapidly developing right under our noses.

This plot contains a variety of steps, whether it’s false flag operations, mind control, corporate rule as well as covering up or indoctrinating humanity with false information about extraterrestrial phenomena, chemtrails and the history of civilisation.

Modern humans are often hyped as the most intelligent of all creatures and the technology we have today tops historical inventions. But many have detailed that thousands, in fact even millions of years ago, there were ancient civilisations that were far more intelligent than us.

Icke, and many others, say that these species may have had an extraterrestrial link. They may have been reptilians, or had contact and help from alien life, yet regardless the most shocking reality is that they were technologically savvy beyond current human knowledge. Evidence of this can be found at the Pyramids of Giza, as well as in ancient city ruins.

south african politician and author michael tellinger  pictured here with nelson mandela  has presented theories about ancient aliens © Twitter
South African politician and author Michael Tellinger (pictured here with Nelson Mandela) has presented theories about ancient aliens

On 6th November, Volcania Radio interviewed South African author and politician Michael Tellinger who has openly presented theories about ancient aliens and the real origins of humanity.

Tellinger’s 2005 book ‘Slave Species of God’ also references the works of Azerbaijani-born author Zecharia Sitchin, whose notions have been rejected by scientists and academics as ‘pseudohistory’ after he detailed that a group of extraterrestrial deities known as the Annunaki created Sumerian and Mesopotamian culture.

‘Slave Species of God’ calls upon theories proposed by Sitchin in the 1976 book ‘The 12th Planet’, explaining that were created using Annunaki DNA as a slave race, and although scholars believe the first civilisation arose around 6,000 years ago; ancient Sumerian, Egyptian and African civilisations inherited their knowledge from the Annunaki more than 200,000 years ago.

Humanity today is merely an animalistic, less intelligent creation which evolved from advanced ancient civilisations thousands of years ago according to Tellinger and Sitchin, which challenges the biblical belief that God created the first man Adam and the rest of us evolved from him. “The human race is a fragile and primitive species”, writes Tellinger. “No matter how intelligent and smart we think we are, we constantly display signs of basic animal behaviour that can lead to decimation of our in the blink of an eye”.

“Evidence has been covered and contained in the many Sumerian tablets that suggests that the Adamu was created here on Earth in the image of his maker. But who created Adam and when we will reveal that he was created by an advanced species of deities for a specific purpose here on Earth some 200,000 to 250,000 years ago”.

“Adam was created from the genetic pool of the advanced species of humans on Earth and a lesser evolved hominid that roamed in southern Africa”.

Michael Tellinger further highlights this evidence on Volcania Radio, telling Richie Allen, “We’re talking about going back 300,000 years. 300,000 years is a number that most historians, archaeologists and researchers in the mainstream academia find very uncomfortable. They don’t talk about it, because according to most mainstream academia, humans weren’t smart enough and nothing of significance was going on this planet”.

“I’m sitting on the evidence. The tools and artefacts that we have clearly point to the one recurring common denominator in all research, in all science, in all medicine – and that’s resonance, frequency, sound and harmonic coherence. And that’s led me to some of these discoveries”.

were ancient stone circles in africa an ancient technology to register sound  resonance and frequency © Twitter
Were ancient stone circles in Africa an ancient technology to register sound, resonance and frequency?

Tellinger’s discoveries were made when he visited several sacred sites and stone circles in South Africa and he decoded what the prehistoric sites were for. According to his research, the unique structures were a form of ancient technology, and he suddenly realised “they’re not dwellings for humans or animals. This is something far more significant”.

But despite these ground-breaking discoveries, historical and mainstream scholarly texts still continue to tout information that hundreds of thousands of years ago wasn’t a period of technological significance. We hope that the work of Tellinger, as well as Volcania Radio’s uncensored, unfiltered content will hopefully awaken the world, challenge mainstream media and finally opening our eyes to our origins, the truth and what is waiting for us in the future.


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