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Canadian Ministers Exposed In Ninth Circle Cult Child Killings

Kevin Annett: “We are standing on solid evidence”

By: Anna Bragga  |@anna_bragga
 on 7th November 2014 @ 12.40pm
senior cabinet minister denis lebel was present at a ninth circle sacrificial child killing according to eye witnesses © Twitter
Senior cabinet minister Denis Lebel was present at a Ninth Circle sacrificial child killing according to eye witnesses

A senior cabinet minister in Canada’s Harper government was present at a Satanic Ninth Circle sacrificial cult killing of a child in a Rome church in February, according to eye witness statements passed on to the Brussels-based International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS), a global network seeking to disestablish the Vatican for crimes against children and humanity.

Field Secretary of the ITCCS, Rev. Kevin Annett, states in an interview with lawyer Alfred Lambremont Webre: “A child was killed at midnight on February 22nd 2014 where Denis Lebel, cabinet minister, and Cardinal Gerald Lacroix from Quebec, were both present.”

The witness claims the incident involved the serial rape and killing of “a little boy about five or six” in basement chambers of the Jesuit-run International Youth Centre within the Church San Lorenzo Piscibus in Rome, less than a mile from the Vatican.

“This isn’t the first child sacrifice at San Lorenzo Church,” said the witness. “It’s right next door to the [Jesuit] Superior General’s office. These sacrifices happen especially in that month. February 21st and 22nd are the ancient Roman festivals of Feralia and Terminalia when animals and children were sacrificed in memory of the dead.”

   this isn   t the first child sacrifice at san lorenzo church     said the witness     it   s right next door to the  jesuit  superior general   s © Wikipedia
“This isn’t the first child sacrifice at San Lorenzo Church,” said the witness. “It’s right next door to the [Jesuit] Superior General’s

Lebel was in Rome to lead a Canadian delegation attending the ceremonial inauguration of Quebec Archbishop Gerald Lacroix, as a Cardinal by Jesuit Pope Francis, Jorge Bergoglio, according to a government press release dated February 21st.

Annett continues: “We know from Anne Marie van Blijenburgh and others who have been present at Ninth Circle cult sacrifices, that the Ninth Circle and Ndrangheta criminal syndicate that provides the children for these rituals, will often bring politicians and judges to these events, telling them it’s a reception or an important meeting. Once the politician or judge is there, they are entrapped and they are used by Ndrangheta after that.”

“We believe Denis Lebel was entrapped, unless he was a member of the Ninth Circle before that. We are assuming the man is innocent until proven guilty. He was entrapped at that meeting as a way to control the Harper cabinet.”

“There’s a theme here. There are criminals and psychopaths in power: in government, in the Church, in corporations. This is more proof of that. This [information] is coming from a number of sources: a journalist contact in Rome who has insider contact with the Jesuits and politicians in the Chamber of Deputies there, who have confirmed this.

We’ve got this confirmed through an Ottawa police contact and Interpol, and European Parliament members. They are all confirming this information about Gerald Lacroix and Denis Lebel.”

ghadban had assisted the disruption of a ninth circle cult ritual that was to sacrifice two children in montreal on august 15th  says annett © Blogspot
Ghadban had assisted the disruption of a Ninth Circle cult ritual that was to sacrifice two children in Montreal on August 15th, says Annett.

The ITCCS obtained the intelligence in the same week that Ottawa police head of human trafficking, Kal Ghadban, died in a mysterious incident in Ottawa police station. Ghadban had assisted the disruption of a Ninth Circle cult ritual that was to sacrifice two children in Montreal on August 15th, says Annett.

He adds: “We believe he was killed because he knew the Harper cabinet minister was involved, and was prepared to press charges and bring this out publicly, which would have created a scandal that would have brought down the Harper government.”

The ITCCS is opening an enquiry into the alleged Ninth Circle ritual killing, and once the evidence has been sufficiently verified will issue warrants for the arrests of the participants. The organisation, which operates under a cloak of secrecy, employs legal experts and judges through its own International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels.

“This is so important that it can’t be bungled,” says Annett. “It’s naming big time actors now. It’s tying together with the Canadian government, Ndrangheta, the Vatican, and these large resource multinationals – all the actors historically involved in the [Canadian] genocide and now in child trafficking.”

The ITCCS hopes to obtain the backing of sympathetic elements within Canada’s Police Department to make the arrests. “Of course, if they don’t make the arrests, we will be taking that action ourselves,” says Annett.

“We are standing on such solid evidence involving high powered people that we expect the police and elements in the government to respond - the honest elements in that system who do want to see justice done. So we’re going to be making approaches on all these levels.”

“The reality is that if you’re not a trained professional, you can’t really take part at that level of operation. We brought in trained professionals to disrupt that killing of two children on August 15th. The best thing people can do is publicise this widely. This needs to go viral all over the world.”

The criminal syndicate, Ndrangheta, have declared ‘hits’ on members of the ITCCS, says Annett, including himself, but he remains undaunted, adding: “Now is not the time to hide or give in to the inevitable smear campaigns that will be raising their heads again. These kinds of smears and public attacks happen whenever we’re getting close to the truth about criminals operating in the system, that we fund and support. I would say to people: now is the time to come out even more boldly. It’s those criminals who have their backs against the wall. They have to be careful – not us.”

kevin annett s work has become well known in england due to ties between the crown and the vatican s regime of child trafficking and murder © ITCCS
Kevin Annett's work has become well known in England due to ties between the Crown and the Vatican's regime of child trafficking and murder.

The work of Kevin Annett, through his books and films on the Canadian genocide, and his activism, has become more well known in England over the last few years.

“England is very much at the epicentre of the ITCCS’s work these days,” he says, “not only because of the criminal complicity of the Crown and its church for crimes against humanity, but the ties between the Crown and the Vatican's regime of systemic child trafficking and murder.”

“Many British citizens are awakening to this fact and to the power of the common law to put criminals in high places on trial. Nearly two hundred men and women in England are active in our network, and a London office is being established by the new year to coordinate our work and the effort to establish a constitutional Republic in England; or more accurately, to re-establish the lawful republic of 1649 established by the people in Parliament.”

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