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4,700-Year-Old GIANT 'Nephilim' Skeleton Discovered By Scientists

Real life Nephilim giants ruled ancient Egypt

By: Daniel Newton  |@NeonNettle
 on 10th August 2017 @ 4.16pm
scientists have discovered a huge pharaoh nephilim skeleton in egypt © press
Scientists have discovered a huge pharaoh Nephilim skeleton In Egypt

Scientists have discovered a huge pharaoh skeleton In Egypt which is leading some experts to believe is the Nephilim

The 4,700-year old skeletal remains are believed to be that of Third Dynasty ruler Sanakht who was, in fact, a giant that towered over the other Egyptian humans.

Scientists discovered the bones in an 'elite tomb' which was the norm for rulers in Egypt at the time, but whats even more mysterious is that giant was buried in a tomb with smaller sized human remains. 

The Nephilim allegedly colonized earth and mated with earth women as the books of Enoch suggest. Their offspring became mighty giants and men of renown.

Alien experts also suggest that the Egyptians has technology as an advance, if not more, than our own. The question is: where did they get this technology from?


the nephilim allegedly colonized earth and mated with earth women as the books of enoch suggest © press
The Nephilim allegedly colonized earth and mated with earth women as the books of Enoch suggest.

The Express reports: Despite the suggestion that Sanakht was a mythical creature, researchers state the pharaoh suffered from gigantism – and they add that his is likely the oldest recorded case in the world.

Gigantism causes an individual to become much taller than the average and also rapidly expands feet, hand forehead jaw and nose.
The study, published in The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology journal, says that the bones were 12 per cent longer than the average for the time.

At six feet 1.6 inches tall, Sanakht dwarfed those around him, with the average height for men 4,700-years ago being five feet six inches.

Sanakht would have also towered over the second tallest pharaoh, Ramesses II who stood at five feet nine inches and came more than 1,000 years after the giant king.

The team from the University of Zurich said in their research: “Sanakht probably had gigantism, truly being the oldest known palaeopathological case in the world.

“The fact that he was buried with honours in an elite mastaba-tomb, after reaching adulthood, suggests that gigantism at the time was probably not associated with social margination.

“While short people were much preferred in ancient Egypt, especially in the early dynastic period, we have no records that very tall people had any special social preference or disadvantage.

“From all known royal mummies, no other king or queen fulfils the requirement of gigantism.

“In general, they were taller than commoners, but within the normal range.”

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